Committee Reports::Interim and Final Report - Appropriation Accounts 1969 - 1970::28 June, 1973::Appendix



An Cléireach,

An Coiste um Chuntais Phoiblí.

During my examination before the Committee of Public Accounts in connection with the Vote for the Houses of the Oireachtas, 1969-70, I undertook to supply information regarding the following Extra Receipt payable to the Exchequer:

Fee in respect of appeal to Seanad—£20.

This payment arose from an appeal by the Catholic Women’s Federation against the decision of the Seanad Returning Officer not to accept them as a nominating body under the Seanad Electoral (Panel Members) Acts, 1947 and 1954. An appeal of this kind is heard by an appeal board consisting of a judge of the Supreme Court or High Court and the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of each House of the Oireachtas.

Section 20 of the 1947 Act provides that

(1)every appellant body shall pay a fee of £20 to the Clerk of the Dáil,

(2)if the appeal succeeds, it is refunded,

(3)if the appeal fails, the fee is paid into, or disposed of for the benefit of, the Exchequer.

The appeal here failed and therefore the fee was paid into the Exchequer.


Oifigeach Cúntasaíochta,

An Roinn Airgeadais.

29 Feabhra, 1972.