Committee Reports::Report - Dublin Cemeteries Committee Bill, 1969 [Private]::17 June, 1970::Report


1. The Joint Committee reports that it has examined the Preamble of the Bill, has made certain drafting amendments therein and has found that the allegations therein contained have been proved to its satisfaction.

2. The Committee has gone through the Bill and has made a number of amendments thereto.

3. In considering the Bill the Committee had before it, and considered, evidence adduced and submissions made by counsel on behalf of the promoters, and reports from the Department of Justice and the Commissioners of Charitable Donations and Bequests for Ireland. The recommendations of the Department in relation to provision for the winding up or dissolution of the proposed Committee and the authentication of the seal were not acceptable to the Committee. It felt that provision for winding up or dissolution was not necessary and that the provision already in the Bill for the authentication of the seal was adequate. Apart from these two matters the recommendations contained in the two reports have been accepted and the Bill amended accordingly.


Chairman of the Joint Committee.

17th June, 1970.