Committee Reports::Report - Consolidation Bills on the Income Tax Bill, 1966::05 January, 1967::Report


1. The Committee has considered the Bill and has taken evidence thereon. It made certain amendments to the Bill which may be classified as follows:—

(a) amendments necessitated by the enactment, since the Bill was introduced, of the Finance Act, 1966, and the National Bank Transfer Act, 1966;

(b) amendments arising from a decision of the Committee to incorporate in the Bill a provision of the Central Fund Act, 1965, relating to income tax and sur-tax;

(c) amendments to delete from Part XXV, Chapter II (Temporary Relief from Taxation—Profits of Certain Mines) certain provisions which have expired; and

(d) amendments to delete from Part XXV, Chapter III (Temporary Relief from Taxation—Profits from Coal Mining Operations and Mining of Gypsum and Anhydrite) certain provisions which are due to expire on 5th April, 1967.

2. The Committee also made other amendments which appeared to it to be necessary to the improvement of the form of the Bill.

3. The Committee had before it a communication from the Attorney General that the amendments tabled by the Minister for Finance were all such as are contemplated by the Standing Orders of Dáil Éireann and of Seanad Éireann in relation to Consolidation Bills. All of these amendments were accepted by the Committee.

4. The Committee is of the opinion that the Bill, as amended, represents the existing statute law which will apply on 6th April, 1967, on which date the proposed legislation is expressed to come into force.



5th January, 1967.