Committee Reports::Report - Appropriation Accounts 1960 - 1961::05 September, 1962::Appendix



An Cléireach,

An Choiste um Chuntais Phoiblí.

During my examination before the Committee of Public Accounts on 1st March, 1962, I undertook to furnish a note on the method of recruitment of the Civilian Enumerators employed to assist the Gardaí in the 1960 Agricultural Enumeration.

The arrangements for recruitment were that the local Garda Sergeants, in the areas selected for the employment of Civilian Enumerators, recommended for appointment suitable men over 21 years of age who were in a position to do the work. If approved by the Garda Superintendent of the District, the application forms completed by the persons recommended were forwarded to the Central Statistics Office where the final selection and appointment was made. Each Enumerator had, of course, to be familiar with the District Electoral Division to be enumerated and had to have sufficient education and intelligence to enable him to follow instructions and to understand the headings for enumeration. The number of Civilian Enumerators appointed was 1,261 and the period of employment averaged four weeks.

(Signed) T. K. WHITAKER,


An Roinn Airgeadais.

29 Márta, 1962.