Committee Reports::Report and Proceedings - Royal Hospital for Incurables Dublin (Charter Amendment) Bill, 1952 [Private]::18 December, 1952::Report


1. The Joint Committee report that they have examined the Preamble of the Bill and, to make it consistent with the provisions of the Bill as amended by the Committee, have amended it by the addition thereto of the following paragraph:—

“AND WHEREAS it is expedient that the power of altering annulling revoking and abrogating the bye-laws for the regulation government and advantage of the said Corporation and its properties and affairs and for the management of the said Hospital contained in the Supplemental Charter of the 13th day of April 1886 be amended as hereinafter provided.”

They have found the allegations contained in the Preamble, as amended, proved.

2. The Committee have gone through the Bill and have made an amendment thereto to ensure adequate publicity for future amendments of the bye-laws.

3. In going through the Bill the Committee had before them, and considered a report from the Attorney General thereon.



Chairman of Joint Committee.

18th December, 1952.