Committee Reports::Report - Appropriation Accounts 1941 - 1942::28 October, 1943::Proceedings of the Joint Committee



Déardaoin, 28adh Deire Fómhair, 1943.

Thursday, 28th October, 1943.

1. The Committee met at 10.45 a.m.

2. Present: Allen, Benson, B. Brady, Briscoe, Cogan, L. Cosgrave, Dillon, M. E. Dockrell, Harris, McCann and M. O’Sullivan.

3. Motion made (Deputy B. Brady):

“That Deputy Dillon be Chairman of the Committee.”

Question put and agreed to.

Deputy Dillon took the Chair accordingly.

4. Motion made (Chairman):—

“That the Minutes of Evidence taken before and the Proceedings of the former Committee of Public Accounts on the Appropriation Accounts for the year ended 31st March, 1942, be adopted as Minutes of Evidence and Proceedings of this Committee.”

Question put and agreed to.

5. The Committee deliberated.

6. Consideration of the Appropriation Accounts for the year 1941-42 was taken up. The following Accounts were disposed of:—Agriculture, Fisheries, Agricultural Produce Subsidies.

7. Mr. D. Twomey (Secretary, Department of Agriculture), Mr. G. P. S. Hogan and Mr. L. M. Fitzgerald (Department of Finance) and Mr. J. Maher (Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General) were examined.

8. The Committee adjourned at 1.10 p.m. till Thursday next.