Committee Reports::Report - Control of Capital Projects::15 July, 1985::Appendix


Extract from Minutes of Proceedings Sub-Committee

Wednesday, 31 October, 1984

The sub-Committee on Capital Projects met on Wednesday, 31 October in Room 114, Leinster House, at 10.30 a.m.

Present were: Deputies Liam Fitzgerald (in the Chair), Richard Bruton, Joe Doyle and Noel Treacy.

Terms of reference

(1) To review (a) existing controls on capital projects in the areas falling within the Committee’s terms of reference and (b) the format of the information contained in the Public Capital Programme.

(2) To complete the reviews of (a) the Howth Harbour development scheme and (b) the Department of Justice prison building projects which were initiated by the Committee.

(3) To report back to the Committee by end-December, 1984, if possible, with specific recommendations on improved cost-effectiveness in relation to (1) and (2) above.