Committee Reports::Report - Proposal to Establish a Centralised State Agency for Persons Registering for Employment or Training::31 May, 1984::Appendix


Letter sent by the Committee to Departments and agencies involved in registering persons for employment and training.

The Dáil Committee on Public Expenditure was appointed “to review the justification for and effectiveness of ongoing expenditure of Government Departments and Offices and of non-commercial State-sponsored Bodies in such areas as it may select and to report thereon to the House recommending cost effective alternatives and/or the elimination of wasteful or obsolete programmes, where desirable”.

The Committee is at present reviewing the various State agencies which register and/or recruit people for employment(whether for the public or private sector). It was the Committee’s view that there was a case to be made for considering the rationalisation of the agencies involved

(a)with a view to establishing a centralised agency for those providing employment and training opportunities and

(b)which would provide a single source for persons registered for employment and retraining and

(c)ensure that there would be no unnecessary duplication of public expenditure, staff, records etc.

It would be appreciated if you would comment briefly (i) on the extent to which your Department/agency liaises with the other agencies at present and (ii) on the possible proposal to establish a centralised agency along the above lines.

An early reply would be appreciated.

Yours sincerely,


P.M. Judge

Clerk to the Committee

9 January, 1984