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I am directed to refer to your minute of 6 Aibrean regarding the possible use of school buses for purposes additional to that of transporting children to and from school.

The position is that this Department announced in January, 1975, a scheme extending the use of school buses to allow school authorities to hire school buses to transport pupils and teachers to and from school games and school related physical education events—a copy of the circular issued to school authorities at that time is attached.

The scheme was not implemented, however, due to certain difficulties encountered by CIE with the Unions involved.

Following further negotiations between CIE and the Unions, the case was submitted to the Labour Court in September, 1976. The Court issued a recommendation on 21st December, 1976, to the effect that “the scheme proposed by the Company should operate Mondays to Saturdays inclusive. On Sundays regular drivers should be allowed to operate the school buses in accordance with the present practice for manning hired buses”.

The Labour Court recommendation was rejected by the Unions catering for the interests of regular bus drivers and it was not possible to proceed with the implementation of the scheme.

In July, 1978, the Department took up this question once again with CIE. On this occasion it was decided that the scope of the proposed scheme should be broader than that of 1975 and that it would cover all extra-mural activities and all after-school activities including school games and school related physical education events—on all days of the week (including Saturday and Sunday). CIE were asked to re-open discussions with the Trade Unions on this basis. CIE have agreed to do this and are to keep the Department advised of any developments in the matter. To date there have not been any developments.

It may be added that a consideration to be taken into account, however, in relation to the widening of operations of these special school buses, is that they are utilitarian type vehicles specially designed for the limited purpose of conveying children to and from school. A sizeable increase in operations to cover additional activities must result in a shortening of their useful life.

It is hoped that the above information will be of assistance to the Committee.


Rúnaí Cunta

25 Aibreán, 1979.


Department of Education

Transport Branch

Hawkins House (10th Floor)

Dublin 2

To: Managers and Principals of National Schools

Principals of Post Primary Schools

Transport Liaison Officers

1. The Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Education wishes to announce that he has approved of a scheme extending the authorised use of school buses. As from 1st March next, it will be possible for schools to hire these buses at reasonable rates in order to transport teachers and pupils to and from school games and school-related physical education events.

2. The facilities will be available on all days of the week (Saturdays and Sundays included) except when buses are occupied on the normal morning and afternoon school services, and subject otherwise to availability of buses and drivers. The maximum stay at destination venue shall not exceed four hours. The scheme will not apply to schools within the Dublin City Boundary or in the borough of Dún Laoghaire, or to journeys exceeding 45 miles from the school centre to ‘away’ venues.

3. It is envisaged that two types of trips will be involved:

(a)Local Events: Short trips to swimming pools, gymnasia, playing fields, etc.

(b)AwayEvents: (Not exceeding 45 miles from School Centre to ‘away’ venue): Journey to similar venues, e.g. competitive fixtures in games and physical education events generally.

For ‘away’ events exceeding 45 miles from School Centre to ‘Away’ venue bus journeys may be arranged on a normal private hire basis, as at present.

4. It should be specially noted that this scheme does not cover the hireage of buses for Educational Tours.

5. The scheme will be confined to hireage by schools, and school authorities are encouraged to avail of the facilities in furtherance of the physical education of their pupils. Where possible, in order to minimise cost to themselves, school authorities should combine their arrangements.

6. Hireage of school buses under the new scheme will be by way of a private hire arrangement between school authorities and CIE and the school authorities themselves will be responsible for payment of CIE accounts. School authorities wishing to avail themselves of the new facilities should contact their local CIE District Manager who will issue quotations and make all necessary arrangements. Hireage should not be arranged through school bus drivers.



Eanáir, 1975.