Committee Reports::Report - Wildlife Bill, 1975::09 November, 1976::Proceedings of the Joint Committee



Dé Máirt, 9 Samhain, 1976.

Tuesday, 9th November, 1976.

1. The Committee met at 345 p.m.

2. Members Present.

The following members were present:—

Deputy Esmonde (in the Chair), the Minister for Lands, Deputies Brennan, Daly, Barry Desmond, Haughey, Hogan O’Higgins, Kenny, Kitt, Leonard,* L’Estrange, Pattison and Tunney.

3. Consideration of Bill.

The Committee resumed consideration of the Bill.

(i) Section 75 agreed to.

(ii) Section 76.

Amendment proposed (Minister for Lands):

“In page 59, subsection (1), to insert ‘or product’ after ‘part’ in line 3.”

Amendment agreed to.

Section, as amended, agreed to.

(iii) Sections 77 and 78 agreed to.

(iv) First Schedule agreed to.

(v) Second Schedule.

Amendment proposed (Minister for Lands):

“In page 61, to substitute ‘of the Minister for the Public Service’ for ‘to the Minister for the Public Service’ in Article 4.”

Amendment agreed to.

Schedule, as amended, agreed to.

(vi) Third Schedule agreed to.

(vii) Fourth Schedule.

Amendment proposed (Deputy Haughey):

“In Part II, page 65, before ‘Pine Marten’ to insert ‘Hybrid Red Deer’.”

Amendment, by leave, withdrawn.

Schedule agreed to.

(viii) Fifth Schedule agreed to.

(ix) Title agreed to.

4. Report of Committee.

The Chairman brought forward a Draft Report which was read as follows:—

“The Special Committee has considered the Bill and has made amendments thereto. The Bill, as amended, is reported to the Dáil.”

Draft Report agreed to.

Ordered: To report accordingly.

5. Conclusion of Business.

The Committee concluded its business at 5.15 p.m.

*Deputy Leonard substituted for Deputy Kitt [S. O. 70 (2)].