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An Cléireach,

An Coiste um Chuntais Phoiblí.

At the proceedings of the Committee on 9 May 1974, I was asked with reference to Subhead C of the Appropriation Account for Valuation and Ordnance Survey was it on my own initiative that I sought a supplementary estimate or did the Post Office advise me that my costs would be more than I had budgeted for. I said the Post Office advised me on the amount required by way of supplementary estimate. I have since checked on the matter and wish to explain the position more fully, as follows:—

Expenditure out of Subhead C exceeded by £600 the original estimate of £13,000. A supplementary estimate was required because there was excess expenditure also on Subheads B, D and E. The supplementary estimate accordingly provided the additional sums required in respect of all Subheads, including that in respect of subhead A which, but for the fact of the excesses on the remainder of the Vote, would have been met out of the supplementary estimate for Remuneration.

The supplementary estimate for Valuation and Ordnance Survey was prepared accordingly in March 1972, near the end of the accounting year when the relevant expenditure out of Subhead C in respect of Post Office services had already been incurred and was therefore known exactly. It is for that reason that the account for Subhead C was balanced. My information as to the amount required did come from the Post Office in the sense that they had submitted to me the accounts by reference to which I calculated the additional amount required so as to balance provision with expenditure. This resulted rather from the fact that a supplementary estimate was required for reasons not related to Subhead C than to any initiative, whether on my part or on that of the Post Office, with regard to Subhead C expenditure.


Accounting Officer,

Valuation Office.

18 Meitheamh, 1974