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(Minutes of Evidence)

Déardaoin, 14 Meitheamh, 1973.

Thursday, 14th June, 1973.

The Committee met at 11a.m.

Members Present:







E. Collins,




de Valera,





Mr. Seán Mac Gearailt (An tÁrd-Reachtaire Cuntas agus Ciste) in attendance.


1118. Deputy MacSharry.—I propose that Deputy de Valera be elected Chairman.

Deputy Governey.—I second that motion.

Question.—“That Deputy de Valera be Chairman of the Committee”—put and agreed to.

DEPUTY DE VALERA took the chair.

1119. Chairman.—First of all, I want to thank the Committee sincerely for the honour of being elected as Chairman. It is one of the most onerous and responsible jobs a Deputy can undertake and I would ask for everybody’s help in trying to discharge these duties.

1120. At this stage it is fitting, before we proceed further, to pay a tribute to Mr. Frank Suttle who retired from the Office of Comptroller and Auditor General since this Committee last met. It is a matter of public record that in the nine-year period during which he held that vital constitutional position served the State and the Parliament very well. We wish him every success and in his new position as Ireland’s representative on the EEC Committee of Control (Audit Board).

It also gives me great pleasure to welcome our new Comptroller and Auditor General, Mr. Mac Gearailt, who in his period as Secretary and Director of Audit assisted the work of this Committee. The Committee look forward to many years of fruitful co-operation with him. I, of course, as Chairman of the Committee add my own personal expression of pleasure at his appointment.

Deputy MacSharry.—I wish to be associated with the kind words of the Chairman in regard to Mr. Suttle, with which I agree totally. I also associate myself with the welcome extended to Mr. Mac Gearailt.

Deputy Tunney.—I am sorry I am a bit late: I appreciate the new punctuality that has come to us. I wish to associate myself with the remarks that have just been made and I wish also to extend my congratulations on his appointment to our new Chairman. In welcoming Mr. Mac Gearailt I should like to express the hope that duties of the nature which fell to his predecessor during the lifetime of the last Committee will never be his lot.

Deputy Pattison.—I wish to associate myself with all those remarks.

Deputy Governey.—I, too, wish Mr. Suttle every success in his new appointment. I welcome Mr. Mac Gearailt as his successor.

Deputy Staunton.—I wish to add my voice to these remarks, as a new Member of the House. I congratulate Deputy de Valera on his election as Chairman and add my voice to his remarks on the work which Mr. Suttle did during his period as Comptroller and Auditor General. I wish Mr. Mac Gearailt every success in his new appointment.

Deputy Crotty.—We all agree with those remarks.

1121. Chairman.—We will now deal with the arrangement of business for the Committee.

The Committee deliberated.

The Committee adjourned.