Committee Reports::Joint Committee on Interim, 2nd Interim, 3rd Interim and Final Reports - Electoral Law ::14 June, 1961::Proceedings of the Joint Committee



Dé Céadaoin, 14 Meitheamh, 1961.

Wednesday, 14th June, 1961.

1. Chruinnigh an Comhchoiste ar 4 p.m.

2. Comhaltaí i Láthair.

Bhí na comhaltaí seo a leanas i láthair:—

An Teachta Ó hÉaluighthe (i gCeannas), na Teachtaí Booth, Seán de Brún, Loughman, Mac Coilín, Ó Maoldhomhnaigh, Ó Súilleabháin agus Suatman, na Seanadóirí Mac Giolla Chomhghaill, Stráinse, Ó Maoláin agus Ó Riain.

3. Rinne an Comhchoiste breithniú.

4. An Dréacht-Tuarascáil Dheiridhón gComhchoiste.

(i) Mír 31 a cuireadh ar athló.

Léadh an mhír a leanas:

“The Joint Committee agrees with these proposals but considers that twenty rather than thirty electors in a county or county borough should be a sufficient number to satisfy the Minister for Local Government of the inadequacy of polling facilities in their area. It recommends that paragraph 2 (c) should be amended accordingly. It also considers that in paragraph 2 (h) the words ‘at the polling place assigned to that district’ be deleted and the words ‘or part thereof at the normal polling place’ be substituted.”

Aontaíodh an mhír.

(ii) Mír 32 a cuireadh ar athló.

Léadh an mhír mar a leanas:

“32. The Joint Committee recommends that as far as possible polling places to serve electors in institutions should be in the institutions themselves or convenient to them.”

Tairgeadh leasú (An Teachta Loughman):

“In line 1, to delete ‘as far as possible’.”

Aontaíodh an leasú.

Aontaíodh an mhír, mar a leasaíodh.

(iii) Mír 33 a cuireadh ar athló.

Léadh an mhír mar a leanas:

“The Joint Committee also recommends that, if possible without extensive amendments, the name ‘polling place’ should be used to describe the building in which polling takes place and ‘polling booth’ the actual compartment where the votes are recorded. It recommends that in any event the meaning of the term ‘polling place’ should be clarified. At present it is apparently interpreted loosely to mean either a building or an area.”

Tairgeadh leasú (An Teachta Loughman):

“In lines 1 and 2, to delete ‘if possible without extensive amendments,’ and, in line 5, to delete ‘in any event’.”

Aontaíodh an leasú.

Aontaíodh an mhír, mar a leasaíodh.

(iv) Aontaíodh míreanna 54 go 57 go huile.

(v) Cuireadh mír 58 ar alráth.

(vi) Aontaíodh mireanna 59 go 63 go huile.

5. Athlá.

Chuaigh an Comhchoiste ar athló ar 5.35 p.m. go dtí 4 p.m. Dé Céadaoin seo chugainn.