Committee Reports::Report No. 03 - Statutory Instruments [15]::03 August, 1961::Appendix


Inland Post Amendment (No. 10) Warrant, 1960 (S.I. No. 48 of 1960).

An Rúnaí,

An Roinn Airgeadais.

I am directed by the Select Committee on Statutory Instruments to refer to Inland Post Amendment (No. 10) Warrant, 1960 [S.I. No. 48 of 1960] which was made by the Minister for Finance on 14th March, 1960.

The Select Committee notes that in Column 3 of the Second Schedule to the Warrant it is stated, with reference to the Certificate of Posting, that “the service is subject to such rules as may be prescribed”. The Committee has asked me to enquire if the rules referred to are embodied in other statutory instruments and, if so, why the titles of those instruments could not have been mentioned specifically in the Warrant.


Cléireach an Rogha-Choiste.

8 Nollaig, 1960.

An Roinn Airgeadais,

Baile Átha Cliath.


Select Committee on Statutory Instruments,

Leinster House.

I am directed by the Mnister for Finance to refer to your minute of 8 Nollaig 1960 regarding the Inland Post Amendment (No. 10) Warrant, 1960 (S.I. No. 48 of 1960) and to state that the point raised by the Select Committee regarding the certificate of posting service has already come under notice in connection with a similar provision in the Foreign Post Warrant, a revised and consolidated version of which is being prepared. Rules relating to the certificate of posting service are not contained in any other statutory instrument, nor has it been found necessary to make such rules in respect of this minor service. The present wording of the Inland Post Warrant respecting certificates of posting dates from 1939 and was based on a similar provision in a preceding Warrant taken over from the British Administration. In the revised draft of the Foreign Post Warrant the words “subject to such rules as may be prescribed” are being deleted from the part of the schedule dealing with certificates of posting. This follows present British practice. It is proposed to adopt a similar line in the Inland Post Warrant which is also being consolidated.

A further communication will be sent as soon as possible in reply to your minute of 8 Nollaig, 1960, regarding the Money Order Amendment (No. 16) Regulations 1960 and the Postal Order (Inland) (Amendment) (No. 7) Regulations, 1960.


2 Feabhra, 1961.