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An Choiste um Chuntais Phoiblí.

Qn. 326 (1958/59 Accounts).

During my examination before the Committee of Public Accounts on 6th January, 1960, I undertook to examine a suggestion that the instructional and supervisory duties carried out by the Officers of the Department of Agriculture in connection with Subhead 0.7 of the Department’s Vote (Acquisition of Land (Allotments) (Amendment) Act, 1934) might with advantage be performed by Officers of County Committees of Agriculture.

This suggestion has been made on a number of occasions and was, in fact considered on the inception of the scheme. The main reasons for not accepting the proposal are as indicated in my evidence before the Committee. The scheme is primarily for the benefit of the unemployed in urban areas, many of which are outside the functional area of County Committees of Agriculture. It would be inappropriate, having regard to their qualifications and other duties, to call on Instructors in Agriculture under the County Committees to perform the duties concerned, which comprise mainly elementary instruction and supervision of the allocation and use of seeds, manures and implements.

I may add that, with a view to reducing administration expenses, the inspectorial arrangements have recently been changed. Supervision at the local centres is now exercised by Agricultural Officers, Grade 8 and Grade 7, of the Department, in addition to their normal duties. The present position is accordingly quite close to that desired by Deputy Moloney, with the difference that the local supervision is provided by officers of this Department.

(Signed) J. C. NAGLE,


An Roinn Talmhaíochta.

8 Lúnasa, 1960.