Committee Reports::Report - Appropriation Accounts 1951 - 1952::18 February, 1954::Appendix



Clerk to the

Committee of Public Accounts.

As promised at the meeting of the Public Accounts Committee on 30th July, I have looked into the question of the acreage of land reclaimed and the cost under Sections A and B of the Land Reclamation Scheme. The position is as follows:—

Section A: Up to the end of June, 1953, 178,655 acres had been reclaimed. The amount paid by way of grants, including the cost of lime and phosphates supplied, up to that date, was £1,059,272. A further sum of approximately £35,000 remains to be paid in respect of that acreage.

Section B: Up to the end of June, 1953, work had been fully completed on 21,906 acres at a cost of £905,144. Work was in course of completion on a further 21,500 acres, at approximately the same cost.

The figures do not include any element in respect of administration expenses or depreciation of machinery. No method of arriving at what the amount in respect of depreciation should be, has so far been worked out, and it would be extremely difficult to apportion other items on a satisfactory basis.

(Signed) SEÁN Ó BROIN,

Accounting Officer,

5 August, 1953.

An Roinn Talmhaíochta.