Committee Reports::Report - Appropriation Accounts 1951 - 1952::18 February, 1954::Appendix



An Rúnaí,

Coiste um Chuntais Phoiblí.

In connection with my examination by the Public Accounts Committee in relation to the Appropriation Accounts for this Department for the year 1951-52, the Chairman of the Committee inquired why the purchase of the Ormonde Manuscripts was not completed until the 13th February, 1952, the Court Order authorising the Vendor to sell these Manuscripts having been given on the 20th June, 1951.

The explanation of the delay in completing the purchase is that it was necessary after the Court Order had been made to seek the advice of the Law Officers as to the procedure to be adopted in connection with the completion of the purchase agreement. This involved getting Counsel’s advice and subsequent correspondence between the Law Officers, the Solicitors acting for the Tenant for Life of the Ormonde estate and the Solicitors acting for the Trustees of the Third Marquis of Ormonde.

The question then arose as to the disposal of the interest on the purchase price of £20,000 (1) which had accrued up to the date of the Court Order; and (2) which had accrued after that date. It was found necessary to get Counsel’s advice also in connection with this question.

Final instructions in regard to the completion of the agreement were received from the Law Officers on the 11th February, 1952, and the purchase was completed on the 13th February, 1952.

(Sínithe) L. Ó MUIRTHE,

Accounting Officer,

Department of Education.

25 Samhain, 1953.