Committee Reports::Report - Statements relating to Member made by a Minister in Dáil on 14th December 1948::17 February, 1949::Report


1. The Committee on Procedure and Privileges deliberated on the request of the Ceann Comhairle that they consider certain statements made by the Minister for Agriculture during debate on Second Reading of the Agriculture (Amendment) Bill, 1948, on 14th December, 1948 (Official Report, Vol. 113, No. 11, Cols. 1506-1508), which implied a reflection on the probity of Deputy Corry in connection with the acquisition by him of lime from the Tuam Beet Sugar Factory.

2. The Committee rejected by a majority decision a proposal that no further action be taken by the Committee, and decided instead to recommend to the House that the matter referred to them should be investigated by a Judicial Tribunal.



17th February, 1949.