Committee Reports::Interim and Final Report - Appropriation Accounts 1943 - 1944::27 June, 1945::Proceedings of the Joint Committee



Dé Céadaoin, 27ú Meitheamh, 1945.

Wednesday, 27th June, 1945.

1. The Committee met at 11 a.m.

2. Present: Deputy Cosgrave (in the Chair), Deputies S. Brady, Gorry, Loughman, Lydon, and Sheldon.

3. Consideration of the Appropriation Accounts for the year 1943-44 was resumed. The following Accounts were disposed of:—Industry and Commerce, Transport and Meteorological Services, Railway Tribunal, Marine Service, Unemployment Insurance and Unemployment Assistance, Industrial and Commercial Property Registration Office, Food Allowances, Children’s Allowances, Posts and Telegraphs and Wireless Broadcasting.

4. Mr. R. C. Ferguson (ActingSecretary, Department of Industry and Commerce), Mr. R. J. Cremins (Secretary, Department of Posts and Telegraphs), Mr. C. S. Almond, Mr. G. P. S. Hogan, Mr. P. S. O’Ceallaigh and Mr. P O’Kelly (Department of Finance) and the Comptroller and Auditor General were examined.

5. The Committee adjourned at 12.45 p.m. till Thursday, 5th July, 1945.