Committee Reports::Interim and Final Report - Appropriation Accounts 1943 - 1944::29 November, 1945::Appendix



S. 76/6/42.

Clerk of the Committee of Public Accounts,

Dáil Office,

Leinster House.

With reference to paragraph 10 of the Report dated 26th April, 1945, of the Committee of Public Accounts on the subject of deficiencies of certain items of Barrack Service Stores and to the relevant paragraph of the minute of the Minister for Finance dated 13th ultimo, I am directed by the Minister for Finance to state that the cash value of the deficient stores has been reassessed at a total figure of £14,735. This figure includes the assessed value of items which were destroyed by fire at Santry Court and in respect of which a sum of £1,106 12s. 3d. has already been written-off with the sanction of the Minister. Of the remainder, i.e., £13,628 7s. 9d., the sum of £2,745 3s. 10d. has been recovered from the Military in respect of the losses and the Minister has now accorded his sanction for the writing-off of the balance of £10,883 3s. 11d.

(Signed) C. S. ALMOND,

14 Nollaig, 1945.

Roinn Airgeadais.