Committee Reports::Report - Appropriation Accounts 1941 - 1942::24 February, 1944::Appendix



With reference to the request of the Public Accounts Committee that I should let the Committee have the result of my enquiries as to whether “Lecturers in the Institute for Advanced Studies have recently been required to sign a new form of contract prohibiting them from publishing work in any learned publication except with the imprimatur of the Director of the Institute,” the following is the actual position.

The conditions of service of members of the Academic Staffs of both Schools of the Institute (other than the Senior Professors) are subject to the approval of the Minister for Education and the concurrence of the Minister for Finance, in accordance with the terms of Section 20 (4) of the Act. These conditions as originally framed by the Institute, and approved by the Minister for Education, included a condition to the following effect:—

“The appointee shall devote his time and ability to the furtherance of the work assigned to the School by the Act and the Establishment Order establishing the School; and he shall perform any duties assigned to him by the Governing Board or the Director of the School, or the Senior Professor, or Professor, who has immediate charge of his work, as appropriate to his office. Except in so far as may be otherwise permitted by the Council of the Institute with the consent of the Governing Board of the School, contributions to learning which result from study or research carried on by him shall be the property of the School and may be published only in accordance with Section 22 of the Institute for Advanced Studies Act, 1940.”

This is the only condition regarding publication contained in the contract or conditions of service of these Officers. It has been applied at all times to appointments made to the Academic Staffs of both Schools of the Institute and no change has been made in it recently or at any time.

I have been informed, however, by the Registrar of the Institute that about six months ago the Governing Board of the School of Celtic Studies thought it advisable to draw the attention of the members of the Academic Staff of that school to the condition regarding publication, and a notice was issued to each member of that staff in the following terms:—

“Work done by Members of the School of Celtic Studies

“Members of the Staff are reminded that, by the conditions of service of their appointment, all work done by them in connection with any branch of Celtic Studies, whether such work is done in the School or independently thereof, is the property of the School, and may be published only through the School, except in so far as may be otherwise permitted by the Council and the Governing Board.

“The Governing Board has made an order that when permission has been granted to a member of the School to publish any piece of work elsewhere, the author is to add the words ‘Dublin Institute for advanced Studies’ after his name.

“Members of the Staff who happen to have done in their spare time work which they are desirous of publishing are requested to bear in mind the above facts and to consult the Director as to the most suitable means of publishing such work.”

This notice was intended as a reminder of the condition in question, and its purpose was to ensure that any work of sufficient merit prepared for publication should be published in the most suitable and appropriate journal or periodical. It did not constitute an alteration of the conditions of service of the persons to whom it was addressed, and its issue was a matter of internal administration which did not come within the province of the Minister for Education.


Accounting Officer,

3adh Meitheamh, 1943.

Department of Education.