Committee Reports::Report - Appropriation Accounts 1941 - 1942::24 February, 1944::Appendix



The Scheme is intended to afford girls from the Fior-Gaeltacht an opportunity of being trained in hospital nursing including training in midwifery. The number of probationers which could be accepted in any year for training is strictly limited. Candidates must possess a general standard of education to enable them to undergo training in hospital nursing. Under the method of selection applicants are interviewed at local centres by representatives of the Department of Local Government and Public Health and of the Department of Education. A selected number of candidates is sent for interview and examination by the hospital authorities. In some instances candidates have been rejected at these interviews as not being suitable for training in nursing. It has also happened that candidates who were selected failed to proceed with training. For instance, of three applicants selected at one hospital in 1938, two left within a month. In another hospital one left after a period of three months, while one did not reply to the communication informing her she had been selected under the Scheme.

In 1939 and 1940, owing to the emergency conditions, no new candidates were recommended for training. In 1941, applications from candidates were considered. Sessions for training of candidates in hospitals commence at specified periods of the year, and it was not until 1942 that arrangements were perfected for the acceptance of ten girls. Two of the selected girls failed to attend the medical examination of one of the hospital authorities, while a third girl did not proceed with her application. The number of candidates who entered on training in that year was therefore seven.

In the current year arrangements are in progress for the acceptance of ten girls for training.

(Signed) J. HURSON,

Accounting Officer,

Department of Local Government and Public Health.

23adh Iúl, 1943.