Committee Reports::Report - Proceedings and Minutes of Evidence - Exclusion of Certain Duly Authorised Visitors::02 May, 1934::Proceedings of the Joint Committee



Dé Céadaoin, 2° Bealtaine, 1934.

Wednesday, 2nd May, 1934.

1. Chruinnigh an Coiste ar 11 a.m.

2. I láthair: An Cathaoirleach (i gCeannas), an Leas-Chathaoirleach, Siobhán Bean an Phaoraigh, Séamus Dubhglas, Tomás Mac Eoin, Brian O Ruairc agus Risteárd Mac Liam.

3. Chuir an Cathaoirleach fé bhráid an Choiste an chuid sin dá Dhréacht-Thuarasgabháil gur haontuíodh ina taobh ag cruinniú deiridh an Choiste. Chuir Tomás Mac Eoin ina coinnibh toisc ná raibh san aontú san dar leis ach aontú trialach agus dubhairt gur mhian leis a mhíniú conus a bhí aige féin sa scéal. Chuir an Cathaoirleach in úil do Thomás Mac Eoin nár cheaduithe dho san do dhéanamh ach gur cheaduithe dho leasú no leasuithe ar an dréacht do thairisgint. Chuir Tomás Mac Eoin i gcoinnibh an nós-imeachta san agus d’imigh ón gcruinniú.

4. Chinn an Coiste Dréacht-Tuarasgabháil an Chathaoirligh d’ath-bhreithniú san iomlán. Chuir Siobhán Bean an Phaoraigh in úil go raibh sí in aghaidh na Dréacht-Tuarasgabhála ar n-a tógaint le chéile agus d’imigh ón gcruinniú.

5. Do hath-bhreithníodh Dréacht-Tuarasgabháil an Chathaoirligh ansan ina halt agus ina halt.

(i) Ailt 1 agus 2 aontuithe.

(ii) Alt 3.

Leasú tairgthe (an Leas-Chathaoirleach):

To add a new sub-section at the end of the section as follows:—

“(3) It is to be noted that the Courts have held that the wearing of a blue uniform shirt is legal.”

Ceist curtha agus aontuithe.

(iii) Ailt 4 go 14 aontuithe.

(iv) Ailt 15 go 18 aonuithe.

(v) Alt 19.

Leasú tairgthe (Séamus Dubhglas):

To delete paragraphs (a) to (e), inclusive, of sub-section (3) and to substitute therefor the following two new sub-sections:—

“(4) The statement of the Minister, eight times repeated, that all the Superintendent wished to know was whether the Minister’s original order held good does not agree with the message given by the Superintendent to the Chief of Staff and could only be explained if the message was not correctly conveyed to the Minister.

(5) The action of the Minister in immediately issuing an order to the military guard would clearly suggest that he received the message correctly, and this is further con-confirmed by the statement of the Minister in reply to questions. He stated: ‘It is quite clear Colonel Brennan, having received conflicting instructions from the Ceann Comhairle and the Cathaoirleach, sought to advise me that two Blue Shirts were going to come in nothwithstanding the fact that I was against their being admitted’ (Q. 231).

If the Minister understood only that Colonel Brennan wished to know if his previous instructions held good a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ would have been sufficient.”

Ceist curtha agus diúlta.

Alt 19 aontuithe.

(vi) Alt 20.

Leasú tairgthe (Séamus Dubhglas):

To delete the section and to substitute therefor the following new section:—

“20. The Committee have reluctantly reached the conclusion that the Minister was fully informed of the facts; that he was not frank with the Seanad or the Committee; that he was aware that the Superintendent felt bound to obey the order of the Cathaoirleach and that his action was taken with the knowledge that he was causing the Cathaoirleach’s order to be frustrated.”

Ceist curtha agus diúlta.

Alt 20 aontuithe.

(vii) Alt 21.

Leasú tairgthe (an Leas-Chathaoirleach):

To delete the section.

Ceist curtha agus aontuithe.

(viii) Ailt 22 go 28, go huile, aontuithe.

(ix) Alt 29.

Leasú tairgthe (Seámus Dubhglas:

To delete paragraph 5 and to substitute the following new paragraph therefor:—

“5. That the Clerk of the Dáil interfered without authority and took steps calculated to prevent the Superintendent of the Oireachtas from carrying out the orders given to him by the Cathaoirleach.”

Ceist curtha agus aontuithe.

(x) Ailt 30 agus 31 aontuithe.

6. Tairisgint déanta (Séamus Dubhglas):

“That the Chairman be requested to draft a new section of the Report to deal with the action of Senator Miss Browne in attempting to introduce the visitors in blue uniform shirts to the Seanad.”

Ceist curtha agus aontuithe.

7. Chuaidh an Coiste ar ath-ló 12.40 p.m. go dtí 11 a.m. Dé Céadaoin, 9° Bealtaine.