Committee Reports::Report No. 09 - Review of progress on broadband rollout::18 April, 2007::Appendix

Appendix H

Questions posed to Eircom and replies received

Question posed by the Joint Committee to Eircom in regard to

Eircom’s National Fixed Wireless Licence:

Q1.Eircom operates a wireless broadband service. With effect form the 1st June 2006 what is the number of subscribers connected to this service?

Q2.What regions of the country are covered by this service?

Q3Under this license, what Eircom’s plans to extend coverage?

Migration from ISDN to Broadband:

Q4Does Eircom incentivise its customers to move from ISDN to Broadband?

Q5.Does Eircom incentivise its Sales Staff to migrate customers to Broadband?

Information concerning Eircom’s infrastructural investment strategy:

Q6.Has Eircom conducted tests to assess the adequacy of its infrastructure to deliver faster - 2mbs, 5mbs, 10mbs speeds from DSL?

Q7.Does Eircom supply information to ComReg on the specifics of their infrastructure investment particularly in regard broadband?

Line failure in Broadband enabled exchanges:

Q8.Will Eircom supply line failure statistics per exchange?

Q9.How many requests for Broadband cannot be met per exchange?

Q10.Is the percentage failure rate given at 20% evenly spread across broadband enabled exchanges?

Q11.How many lines per enabled exchange cannot be broadband enabled due to

a)quality of copper

b)distance from exchange

c)split lines?

Upgrading of lines and Exchanges:

Q12.Has Eircom undertaken any costing analysis for the upgrading of those lines in broadband enabled exchanges which currently cannot handle broadband?

Q13.Has Eircom undertaken a cost analysis of upgrading the last 700 exchanges?

Line Rental:

Q14.Why does Ireland continue to have the highest line rental charge in Europe; €8 above the EU average and €6 above the nearest other EU country?

Q15.What is the Eircom policy/proposal to address this competitiveness’ issue?

Reply of Eircom