Committee Reports::Report No. 09 - Review of progress on broadband rollout::18 April, 2007::Appendix

Appendix C

Summary of the Recommendations made in the Second Report of the Joint Committee.

The Joint Committee’s Second Report the Joint Committee made 12 recommendations under the three over-arching themes of ‘Planning to succeed’, ‘Market Failure’ and ‘Broadband Usage’.

Under the Theme ‘Planning to succeed’ the Joint Committee made six recommendations:

1.Defines broadband as a service that provides at least 512kb connectivity and sets as a target 5Mps connectivity by 2006 with widely available 10Mps connectivity in 2008 being the further target.

2.Develop a workable national broadband infrastructure plan. The current national broadband infrastructure strategy as detailed in New Connections needs to be updated, a role for the private sector needs to be mapped out and detailed implementation plans, timeframes and responsibilities need to be agreed.

3.Appoint a single Minister of State with cross department responsibility for the rollout of a national broadband infrastructure and the development of e-Government services.

4.Encourage closer co-operation between the Government, the telecoms industry and the end-users of broadband services.

5.Mandate that all national, regional, county and city development plans incorporate the provision of broadband infrastructure with such plans.

6.Ensure that all new developments are ‘future-proofed’ for broadband.

Under the Theme ‘Market Failure’ the Joint Committee made two recommendations:

7.Focus on “bridging of the first mile” as the first key policy issue.

8.Establish the proposed Management Service Enterprise (MSE) to ensure all existing broadband assets are put to full use.

Under the Theme ‘Broadband usage’ the Joint Committee made four recommendations:

9.Introduce measures to widen the ‘reach’ of broadband technologies.

10.Improved broadband access necessitates the skills to make use of it

11.Encourage business to increase their usage of broadband technologies.

12.Fully examine the potential of Government to use broadband.