Committee Reports::Report No. 06 - The High Level of Suicide in Irish Society::01 July, 2006::Appendix

Appendix 1

Milestones in Irish Suicide Initiatives


The passing of the Criminal Law (Suicide) Act resulting in the decriminalisation of suicidal behaviour.


The National Suicide Research Foundation (NSRF) was established.


The National Task Force on Suicide was established.


The Irish Association of Suicidology (IAS) was set up.


The National Task Force on Suicide Report was published and the National Suicide Review Group was set up.


The National Parasuicide Registry (to be known as the National Register of Deliberate Self Harm) was established.


Department of Justice, Equality & Law Reform published the Review of the Coroner Service that expanded the role of the Coroner to include investigation of the circumstances of death.


Reach Out: National Strategy for Action on Suicide Prevention (2005-2014) was published and the National Office for Suicide Prevention (NOSP) was established.