Committee Reports::Report No. 02 - Project Uganda::01 July, 2004::Appendix

Appendix 6 - Sample invitation for submissions

An Comhchoiste um Ghnóthaí Eachtracha

Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs


Leinster House

Teach Laighean

Dublin 2

Baile Átha Cliath 2

(01) 618 3167


Fax (01) 618 4123



Mr. John O’Shea

Chief Executive


PO Box 19

Dún Loaghaire

Co. Dublin

12 May 2004

Dear Mr. O’Shea,

The Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs is currently considering the development needs of Uganda. As part of this review the Committee is consulting with relevant stakeholders and are seeking submissions from NGO’s working in Uganda.

As an NGO working in Uganda, the Committee would greatly appreciate GOALs views and information on the following:

Outline of GOALs current work programme relating to Uganda

Outline of GOALs planning timeframe for undertaking development work in Uganda

GOALs strategic priorities for undertaking development work in Uganda

Outline of GOALs organisational model for undertaking development work in Uganda

Views on issues which are currently limiting GOALs development potential in Uganda

Views on potential opportunities for accelerating sustainable development in Uganda

Views on Irelands development priorities for Uganda

Any other views which may be of interest to the Committee in relation to the development needs of Uganda

Please note that any submissions will be publicly available and will be drawn upon in the preparation of the Committee’s report and recommendations. It is also the Committee’s intention to hold a public meeting during June to discuss development in Uganda and Irelands contribution to it and to invite NGOs such as GOAL to address the Committee at that time.

The Committee have requested that that any submissions should be submitted by the end of May.

Yours sincerely


John Hamilton

Clerk to the Committee