Committee Reports::Annual Report of the Joint Committee on Environment and Local Government, 2002-03::04 February, 2004::Appendix





The main areas in which the Committee will concentrate its activities are listed below. While seeking to be reasonably comprehensive the Committee recognises the need for a degree of flexibility in the work programme to allow for adjustment, if necessary, in order to consider any new issues that may arise.

1.Environment issues:

(i)Waste management

(ii)Illegal dumping

(iii)Climate change:- adherence with Kyoto Protocol

(iv)Water quality including the implementation of the Nitrates Directive

2.Urban renewal:

(i)Dublin docklands development

(ii)Renewal schemes in operation


(i)Planning Legislation

(ii)Meeting with An Bord Pleanála

(iii)Development of wind farms

4.Local Government

(i)Local government funding

(ii)Provision of local services

(iii)Reform of local government


(i)Government policy:- Assessment of needs; investment programme

(ii)Social and affordable housing

(iii)Voluntary housing


(v)Accommodation for travellers

(vi)Private rented sector


(i)Policy for the conservation and preservation of areas ofnational heritage

(ii)Archaeological heritage

(iii)Architectural heritage

(iv)Ecological heritage

(v)Special Protection Areas

(vi)Special Areas of Conservation

7.Nuclear Safety:

(i)Proceedings taken by Ireland under

aThe OSPAR Convention; and


in relation to the operation of the Sellafield Plant.

(ii)The role of the Radiological Protection Institute of Irelandparticularly in relation to the Sellafield Plant.

8.Scrutiny of EU documents

Matters relating to EU documents will be referred from time to time to the Committee.

9.Consideration of Statements of Strategy under Public Service Management Act:

The Committee is required under its Orders of Reference to consider the Strategy Statements of the Department of the Environment and Local Government and of the bodies under its aegis. The Committee will select aspects of these statements on an ongoing basis and will report on the progress made by the Department and the bodies in relation to the achievement of their aims and objectives.

10.Conferences and Fact Finding Missions

The Committee shall participate in conferences and fact finding missions relevant to subject matters, falling within the orders of reference of the Committee, as it sees fit.

11.Incoming delegations

The Committee shall meet delegations from counterpart committees of other parliaments.

Matters relating to the Select Committee


Estimates will be due to be referred to the Committee in May / June 2004


(i)European Parliament Elections (Amendment) Bill 2003

(ii)Residential Tenancies Bill 2003

(iii)Motor Vehicles (Duties & Licences) Bill 2004

(iv)Water Services Bill 2003

(v)Building Control Bill 2004

(vi)National Monuments Bill 2004

(vii)Building Societies (Amd.) Bill 2004

(viii)Strategic National Infrastructure Bill 2004

(ix)Electoral (Amd.) Bill 2004

(x)Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Bill 2004

(xi)Local Government (Rates) Bill 2004

3.Other matters

International agreements and motions may be referred to the Committee from time to time.