Committee Reports::Report - Annual Report of the Joint Committee on Tourism, Sport and Recreation Work of the Joint Committee::01 January, 2000::Appendix


Oireachtas Committee on Tourism, Sport and Recreation Work Programme 1999/2000

A.Select Committee on Tourism, Sport & Recreation

1.Estimates and Supplementary Estimates for the Department as they are referred by Dáil Eireann.

2.Committee stage of Bills referred by Dáil Eireann

3.Any other matter referred to the Select Committee by Dáil Eireann.

B.Joint Committee on Tourism, Sport & Recreation

Consideration of:

-public affairs administered by the Department

-matters of policy for which the Minister is responsible

-Government policy in relation to bodies under the aegis of the Department

Department’s Objectives for Tourism

-to achieve growth in foreign earnings from tourism on the basis of a sustainable tourism industry, thereby increasing the creation of such jobs;

-to improve quality of service through high quality training;

-to concentrate growth in shoulder and off-peak periods and in non traditional tourist areas.

These to be achieved by:

- increased marketing;

- product development to meet specific market deficiencies;

- avoidance of overlap with competing facilities;

- improvements in conference, angling, culture and heritage products;

- expansion in the range and scale of training.

Vision for Sport in Ireland 1997-2006.

To enrich the lives of all Irish people through sport by:

-developing an active culture in sport;

-developing an effective organisational structure;

-providing pathways towards the development of individual fulfilment and high performance.

These Goals to be achieved by:

-Sport for Young People

-Recreational Sport

-High Performance Sport

-Sports Facilities and Natural Resources

-Sports Training and Development

-Co-ordination of Sport in Ireland.

Matters to be considered by the Joint Committee




Promotion of agri-tourism;



Promotion of special interest winter breaks aimed at Scandinavian countries;



Promotion of Ireland as a centre for conferences;



Equitable distribution of funding between and within the Regional Tourism organisations;



Improved access and improved carrier service into and within Ireland - airlines, ferries, regional airports, co-operation with local authorities on infrastructure, signposting and litter/pollution control/conservation;



Tourist information - victim support/petty crime;



National Conference Centre.

2.Sport & Recreation



Attraction of major sporting activities to this country;



Opportunities for increasing interest and involvement in such sporting activities with resultant impact on personal development, health and fitness and quality of life of Irish citizens;



Business and employment opportunities arising out of the hosting of major sporting events;



Link with tourism development.



Need to restore confidence in sporting organisations by seeking to have regulations and/or codes of practice for promoters/selectors/coaches reviewed and adhered to.



Need to develop sports facilities and sports training in areas of high unemployment or high drug abuse and to involve role models (high achievers in such sports) in promoting an interest in these areas.



Consultations with representatives of the different sporting organisations.



Irish Sports Council,



National Sports Federations - there are 75 sporting organisations in the country.



Drugs testing programme



50 metre swimming pool,



National Sports Arena,



National Concert Hall.



Promotion of all non - competitive sports and leisure activities: walking, cycling, orienteering, fishing, the arts: (film making, theatre, music, art & design) with a view to furthering personal development and employment opportunities.

3.Bodies under the aegis of the Department:

Bórd Fáilte



Irish Sports Council

4.Consideration of Strategy Statements

The Committee will select for consideration aspects of the Department’s Strategy Statement on an ongoing basis and will report annually on the progress made by the Department in relation to the achievement of its aims and objectives in that regard.

5.Conferences etc

Participating in relevant conferences and fact-finding missions.


Meeting delegations from counterpart Committees of other Parliaments.

7.Other matters

Such other matters relevant to the Orders of Reference of the Joint Committee as the Joint Committee may decide to consider and such matters as may be referred to the Joint Committee by the Houses of the Oireachtas from time to time.