Committee Reports::Report - Report on European Union Security and Defence::23 May, 1995::Appendix



1. European Movement: 9 Nov

2. Kevin Quinlan - Donegal (resource a)

3. FEANTSA (Homeless/Euro.)

4. Nollaig Ó Gadhra

5. Ms. Mary Dempsey, Irish National Congress

6. Mr. Tom Madden

7. Natasha Harty: (4 letters)

(Society of Friends)

8. Sean Kinsella (Dublin)

9. Susan Pim (Society of Friends)

10. Gerard Neff

(Ireland Action for Bosnia-Hercegovina)

11. Elisabeth Cullen (Donegal)

12. John R. Shackleton

(Society of Friends)

13. Dara O’Brien (Dublin)

14. Gerry Duffy, Cork

15. Valerie O’Brien, Dublin

16. Anthony Coughlan

(NAT Platform)

17. Sean Guerin (UCD)

18. Bríd McGrath

Security and Neutrality Study Group

19. John E. Lucey

General Secretary PDFORRA

Permanent Defence Force/Other Ranks

20. David A. Johnson, Dublin

21. Janet Gooberman, Clare

22. Adi Roche, CND

23. Sylvia Wigham, Dublin (Quakers)

24. Roger Cole, Dublin

25. Bruce St. John Blake, Dublin Solicitors

26. Richard Harrison, Cork

27. Michael Heery, Wicklow

28. Mrs. Bernadette Harmon

29. John Jordan, Cork

30. Roger Mac Ginty, Queen’s Belfast

31. Bernard Mac Lochlainn, Dubin

32. M. M. D. Dunne, Dublin

33. Achille Orlandi, Thurles

34. Joseph Kavanagh, Wicklow

Submissions were also received from the Fianna Fáil and the Labour Parties.