Committee Reports::Report No. 5 - Iarnród Éireann::08 April, 1993::Appendix


Appendix 1
Extract from relevant EU regulations

Table A1 EU Regulations governing state aid to transport undertakings

EC No. 1191/69:

this enables payment of compensation by the state to rail undertakings in respect of losses incurred on services operated under public service obligations which are deemed essential to ensure the provision of adequate transport services. Payment is made is under this regulation in respect of losses remaining on rail passenger services (after fare increases and any possible economies in operation).

EC No. 1192/69:

provides for compensation by the state in respect of specified financial burdens borne by the railway undertakings. Payments are made under this regulation to cover the following costs in respect of rail passenger and freight operations:

-Superannuation and pension costs less savings arising from exemption from payment of certain social welfare contributions in respect of clerical and supervisory staff

-50% of the cost of maintenance and control of level crossings.

EC No. 1107/70:

specifies certain additional circumstances in which state aid may be paid to transport undertakings. Under this regulation payments are made in respect of:

-50% infrastructure costs in respect of rail freight (Article 3.1 [b])

-residual deficit on railway operations (Article 4).

Source: Iarnród Éireann Annual Report 1993