Committee Reports::Report No. 01 - Juvenile Crime - Its Causes and its Remedies::07 July, 1992::Orders of Reference


Dail Eireann, 19th June 1991:- Ordered:

“(1) That a Select Committee, which shall be called the Select Committee on Crime, consisting of 15 members of Dail Eireann, none of whom shall be a member of the Government or Minister of State, be established to examine such aspects of

(a)the administration of justice,

(b)the implementation of the criminal law, and

(c)existing legislation

as, in the opinion of the Select Committee affect the personal safety and security of our citizens in their homes, on the streets and in public places and to report thereon, with recommendations where appropriate.

(2) That in the absence from a particular meeting of the Select Committee of a member, another member nominated by the Party to which the absent member belongs may take part in the proceedings and vote in the member’s stead.

(3) That every report which the Select Committee propose to make shall, on adoption by the Select Committee, be laid before the House forthwith, whereupon the Select Committee shall be empowered to print and publish such report together with such related documents as it thinks fit.

(4) That four members of the Select Committee shall form a quorum.

*(5) That subject to the consent of the Minister for Finance, the Select Committee shall have the power to engage the services of persons with specialist or technical knowledge to assist it in its consideration of any matter comprehended by paragraph (1)”

2. Membership of the Committee

Dail Deputies

Mairin Quill - Chairperson

Noel Davern - Vice Chairperson

Therese Ahearn

Sean Barrett

Michael Bell

Ben Briscoe

Bill Cotter

Joe Doyle

Liam Fitzgerald

Brendan Kenneally

Pat Lee

Pat McCartan

Willie O’Dea

John Stafford

Dan Wallace

Mary Wallace

Alan Shatter

Michael Barrett

Gerard Brady

Mary Coughlan

Míchéal Martin

Séamus Pattison

Jimmy Leonard


Deputy Mary Wallace replaced Deputy Davern on 29 January, 1992.

Deputy Alan Shatter replaced Deputy Ahearn on 20 February, 1992.

Deputies Michael Barrett, Gerard Brady, Mary Coughlan and Míchéal Martin replaced Deputies Brendan Kenneally, Willie O’Dea, Dan Wallace and Mary Wallace on 12 March, 1992.

Deputy Seamus Pattison replaced Deputy Bell on 1 April 1992.

Deputy Jimmy Leonard replaced Deputy Brady on 6 May 1992.

Clerk to the Committee: Peter Lumsden.

Secretary to the Committee: Mary Harte.

* As included in the Orders of Reference by Order of Dáil Eireann on 30 June 1992.