Committee Reports::Report No. 05 - Development Education::30 October, 1986::Appendix


List of Committee meetings re Report (inclusive of witnesses)

The Committee considered the issues dealt with in the report at its meetings of:-

16 April 1986

Mr. Martin Greene (First Secretary, Department of Foreign Affairs)

4 June 1986

Mr. Tony Meade (Deputy Director, Trocaire)


Mr. Colm Regan (Head of Education, Trocaire)


Mr. Hugh Byrne (Chief Executive, Concern)


Ms. Maura Matthews (Head of Education, Concern)

9 July 1986

Mr. Tony Fahey (Director, DESC)


Mr. Paud Murphy (General Secretary, HEDCO)

27 August 1986

Mr. Dick Sweeney (Senior Inspector, Department of Education)

24 September 1986

Consideration of preliminary draft

8 October 1986

Mr. Albert Ó Ceallaigh (Chief Executive, Curriculum and Examinations Board)


Ms. Nora Godwin (Education Officer, Curriculum and Examinations Board)

22 October 1986

Adoption of Report