Committee Reports::Report No. 03 - Apartheid and Development in Southern Africa::25 March, 1986::Appendix

Appendix 1

List of Committee meetings re Report (inclusive of attenders)

The Committee considered the issues dealt with in the draft report at its meetings of

8 May 1985

Ms. Patricia Conboy (AFRI)

Mr. Joe Murray (AFRI)

Mr. Tommy Davis (Dunnes)

Ms. Mary Manning (Dunnes)

Ms. Katherine O’Reilly (Dunnes)



4 December 1985

Mr. Kader Asmal (IAAM)

Mr. Gary Kilgallen (IAAM)

Mr. Rafique Mottiar (IAAM)

Ms. Carol Olson (IAAM)

Ms. Cecilia Rafferty (IAAM)



5 February 1986

Mr. Padraig Murphy (Political Director, D/FA)



19 February 1986

Mr. Charlie McCarthy (Trocaire)

Mr. Jack Wiley (Trocaire)

Mr. Rajan Sony (International Voluntary Service)

Mr. Stephen McDermott (ex Botswana)



26 February 1986

Dr. Kevin Boyle, Professor of Law, U.C.G.



19 March 1986

Adoption of Report