Committee Reports::Report No. 06 - Development and Management of Small Business Co-operatives::15 July, 1986::Appendix


A brief selection of books dealing with co-operatives in the Irish context is as follows:-

Published by Bank of Ireland Centre for Co-operative Studies, University College Cork.


How to Start a Co-op - Mary Linehan,



Con O’Leary,



Vincent Tucker (1981).

2.Co-operatives and the Law - Edited by Mary Linehan (1982).

3.Co-operative Housing in Ireland - Edited by Vincent Tucker (1982).


Co-operation between Co-operatives - Michael Ward,



Robert Briscoe,



Mary Linehan.

5.The Co-operative Idea - Briscoe and others (1983).

6.Workers Co-operatives: Potential and Problems -

Edited by Mary Linehan and Vincent Tucker (1983).

Published by the Economic and Social Research Institute

A Study in Worker Co-operatives - R. O’Connor and P. Kelly (1980)

Published by the Institute for Public Administration

The Irish Co-operative Movement: Its History and Development - P. Bolger (1977).