Committee Reports::Report - Control of Capital Projects::15 July, 1985::Appendix



I refer to your letter of 19 September, 1984 about Howth Harbour Development Scheme and reply as follows to the queries at (i) to (iv):



Works initially tendered for in October, 1978 by civil engineering works contractor:


construction of East Pier and West Pier break-waters


reclamation of area at back of the West Pier


construction of Trawler Pier breakwater (rubble core)


dredging excavation of approach channel and fishery harbour to provide deeper water to cater for large fishing boats


construction of new quays and syncrolift basin on the reclaimed land within the harbour


widening West Pier by 6m. and construction of a new quay wall face


installation of public lighting/power supply


surfacing all reclaimed areas between West Pier and Trawler Pier Breakwater


construction of slipway at east side of Trawler Pier Breakwater


dredging/excavation of yacht basin***


mobilisation and demobilisation of construction plant and equipment.

In addition to the above works the Office of Public Works


purchased the syncrolift winches and control unit


made the syncrolift platform


installed the syncrolift winches, control unit and platform.

(b) Additional works (i.e. works not included in original contract):

-major structural alterations to part of the West Pier arising from the discovery during excavation work that the existing West Pier wall was in a very dangerous structural condition (i.e. founded on bed of soft material)

-boatyard/transfer pit to connect syncrolift unit to boatyard repair bays

-West Pier sewerage scheme

-construction of sub-station for Electricity Supply Board

-purchase of tenant’s leasehold interest and demolition of premises on West Pier to facilitate the laying of a rail to link syncrolift unit to boatyard

-construction of lighthouse/generator room (at request of Commissioners of Irish Lights)

-provision of roundheads

-construction of part of Trawler Pier Breakwater quay

-surfacing West Pier, boatyard and link road


(c) Sundry smaller additional works, for example

-realignment of reclaimed area west of West Pier

-fencing of part of reclaimed area

-navigation aids

-fog alarm

-water hydrants

-navigation lights

-storm water overflow

-undergrounding of power lines

-temporary lighting

-capital contribution to ESB

(ii) Works advanced from Phase Two and any works additional to Phases 1 and 2

The works referred to at (i)(a) above were originally envisaged in the main to be the first phase of the scheme. As the scheme progressed, however, the additional works listed at (i)(b) and (i)(c) were provided for to complete the scheme satisfactorily in the overall fisheries interest and to meet certain traditional community requirements in Howth. The scheme was on-going from 1979 and the execution of the various works involved was done broadly as cirucmstances dictated.

(iii) Detailed costings of Phases One and Two

Information about costings is being compiled by the Office of Public Works and will be furnished in a few days.

(iv) Details of price variation clause

A copy of the standard Government Contracts Committee price variation clause in operation at the time of placing the contract (1978) is enclosed. The clause covers variations in the costs of labour and materials after the designated date which is 13 October, 1978 in the case of the Howth Harbour Development Scheme, that being ten days prior to latest date for receipt of tenders.

Under the clause an additional £2.25m is payable to the civil works contractor.

Yours sincerely

P. Kerin

Assistant Secretary

25 September, 1984.

*** This was included in the original tender as a provisional item subject to decision at a later date.