Committee Reports::Report No. 04 - Controls on the private security industry::30 October, 1984::Appendix

Appendix A



Dáil Éireann, 7th July, 1983:—Ordered:

“(1) That a Select Committee consisting of 15 members of Dáil Éireann none of whom shall be a Member of the Government or a Minister of State and which shall be called the Select Committee on Crime, Lawlessness and Vandalism be established to examine:

such aspects of

(a)the administration of justice,

(b)the implementation of the criminal law,

(c)existing legislation,

which, in the opinion of the Select Committee, affect the personal safety and security of our citizens in their homes, on the streets and in public places and to report thereon and to make recommendations where appropriate.

(2) That in the absence from a particular meeting of the Select Committee of a member, another member, nominated by the Party to which the absent member belongs, may take part in the proceedings and vote in his stead.

(3) That every report which the Select Committee proposes to make shall, on adoption by the Select Committee, be laid before the House forthwith, whereupon the Select Committee shall be empowered to print and publish such report together with such related documents as it thinks fit.

(4) That 4 members of the Select Committee shall form a quorum.”