Committee Reports::Report No. 01 - Neighbourhood Watch as a Scheme for Community Involvement in Policing::27 March, 1984::Appendix

Appendix A






.Civilian Observation Patrol is primarily an anti-crime programme involving concerned civilians who act as extended eyes and ears of the Gardai. The volunteers patrol their neighbourhoods and report criminal or other suspicious incidents to the Gardai. They may either walk or drive through their neighbourhoods (primarily during evening hours).

.The Gardai will co-operate fully with responsible citizens who seek to form a Civilian Observation Patrol Programme and will be responsible for:-

(a)overseeing a plan of recruitment

(b)establishing and maintaining records, files and statistics

(c)developing necessary forms and procedures to properly administer the programme

(d)issuing and controlling Identification Cards for members

(e)issuing training material and conducting training courses

(f)taking other management and staff supervisory steps to properly administer the Civilian Observation Patrol Programme.

3.Civilian Observation Patrols will be supervised by CIVILIAN co-ordinators under the direction of the Gardai.


.The territorial jurisdiction of a Civilian Observation Patrol shall be determined by the group itself in consultation with the Gardai.

.Each Civilian Observation Patrol shall have a Civilian Co-ordinator, to assist the Gardai with the administration and supervision, whose duties shall include:

(a)Responsibility for the discipline of Civilian Observation Patrol members

(b)Assistance with unit administration

(c)Supervision of performance of Civilian Observation Patrol members.

3.A Garda officer should be assigned responsibility for Civilian Observation Patrol liaison and he will:-

(a)Personally interview Civilian Observation Patrol applicants for the programme

(b)Perform tours of duty necessary to co-ordinate the programme

(c)Report on a regular basis to his superiors on progress

General Regulations

.Any group of persons desiring to form a Civilian Observation Patrol must get authorisation from the local Superintendent.

.The patrol will be comprised of individuals having good character and members must be over eighteen (18) years of age.

.A driver must have a valid driving licence when operating a vehicle on patrol.

.Civilian Observation Patrols are not enforcement units. Their objective is to observe street conditions, incidents and to report crimes and violations to local Gardai.

.A Civilian Co-ordinator will be appointed by the group.

.The Civilian Co-ordinator will co-operate with the representative of the local Superintendent.

.Garda needs and Civilian Co-ordinator’s suggestions will determine the area of observation and patrol.

Operating Regulations

The primary objective of the Civilian Observation Patrols is to OBSERVE and REPORT crimes and incidents. DO NOT GET PHYSICALLY INVOLVED.

.Members shall notify the Gardai immediately of all reports or information regarding crime.

.Members of Civilian Observation Patrols will be governed by all existing rules and regulations in so far as they affect ordinary civilians.

4.Observation Patrol, on foot or in vehicle, shall be performed by units of two (2) or more and shall be within designated areas.

5.Members must carry their Identification Cards and produce them to the Gardai on request.