Committee Reports::Report No. 81 - Right of Residence::16 December, 1980::Orders of Reference


The Orders of Reference of the Dáil and the Seanad in relation to the Joint Committee and the names of the members of the Joint Committee are printed on pages 7,8,9,13 and 14 of the First Report.

21st February, 1979:—Senator Richard Conroy appointed in place of Senator Eoin Ryan, discharged.

22nd November, 1979:—Deputies Joe Walsh, Paddy Power and Michael J. D’Arcy appointed in place of Deputies Michael Woods, Síle de Valera and Mark Clinton, discharged.

6th May, 1980:—Deputies Liam Aylward, Gerard Brady, Barry Cogan and Michael Herbert appointed in place of Deputies Brendan Daly, Jackie Fahey, Mark Killilea and Paddy Power, discharged.

28th May, 1980:—Deputy Eddie Filgate appointed in place of Deputy Michael Herbert, discharged.

3rd December, 1980: Senator Catherine McGuinness appointed in place of Senator Gemma Hussey, discharged.