Committee Reports::Report No. 20 - Statutory Instruments [53]::28 June, 1978::Appendix


European Communities (Measuring Container Bottles) Regulations, 1977 [S.I. No. 237 of 1977]

An Rúnaí,

An Roinn Tionscail, Tráchtála agus Fuinnimh.

I am directed by Mr. Mark Clinton, T.D., Chairman of the Joint Committee on the Secondary Legislation of the European Communities, to refer to Regulation 6 of the European Communities (Measuring Container Bottles) Regulations, 1977 [S.I. No. 237 of 1977].

I am to enquire for the information of the Committee why it is not considered feasible to specify in Regulation 6 the amount of the fees to be charged for services rendered by an inspector of weights and measures. I am also to ask you to give particulars of the fees being charged at present.


Cléireach an Chomhchoiste.

5 Eanáir, 1978.

Cléireach an Chomhchoiste,

An Comhchoiste faoi Reachtaíocht Thánaisteach na gComhphobal Eorpach.

I am directed by the Minister for Industry, Commerce and Energy to refer to your minute of 5th January, 1978 about Section 6 of the European Communities (Measuring Container Bottles) Regulations, 1977 [S.I. No. 237 of 1977].

I am to state that the question of the relationship between fees for the services of Weights and Measures inspectors and the actual cost of providing such services is at present under consideration in this Department in the context of a proposed new Weights and Measures Bill, a draft of which has been circulated to Government Departments for views. This provides that the Minister shall, with the agreement of the Minister for Finance “levy such fees for the carrying out of the provisions of this Bill as are from time to time considered necessary” and may make Regulations to provide for the level and manner of levying and disposal of these fees. It is proposed to commence discussions in due course with the Department of Finance regarding the level of fees to be set.

Pending the introduction of the draft Bill and the holding of discussions with the Department of Finance it is considered that it would be unwise to specify the fees which will be charged for inspections under the Regulations mentioned in paragraph 1 above. In fact, it is possible that in this interim period it may be decided to carry out inspections free of charge and the wording of Section 6 (which provides for a separate determination of the appropriate fee for each inspection) would facilitate such an arrangement. The need to determine a fee has not so far arisen, as there has not yet been any request for the service involved.


31 Eanáir, 1978.