Committee Reports::Report No. 43 - Generalised Tariff Preferences Scheme for 1977::03 November, 1976::Proceedings of the Joint Committee



Dé Céadaoin, 3 Samhain, 1976

Wednesday, 3rd November, 1976

1. The Joint Committee met at 4.30 p.m.

2. Members Present.

The following members were present:

Deputies Haughey (in the Chair), Creed, Dockrell and Esmonde; Senators Robinson and Ryan. Apologies for inability to attend were received from Deputies Desmond and Kavanagh and from Senators Boland and FitzGerald.

3. Draft Report on the Generalised Tariff Preference Scheme for 1977.

The Chairman brought forward a Draft Report which was read as follows:—

(i) Paragraphs 1 to 9 inclusive, agreed to.

(ii) Paragraph 10.

Amendment Proposed (Deputy Esmonde):

“At the end of the paragraph to add the following sub-paragraph:—

‘It may be that Ireland has a particular interest in ensuring that beneficiary countries are selected solely by reference to acceptable economic criteria. It can scarcely be contested that because of her underdeveloped economy Ireland has a far greater need of foreign investment than other Community countries without which there would be needed by Ireland from the EEC far greater regional, social and other subventions. It would be unfair if the advantages enjoyed under the generalised tariff preference scheme by the more developed of the beneficiary countries made it more difficult for Ireland to attract badly needed investment. The Joint Committee suggests that this aspect of the matter be examined by the appropriate authorities here.’”

Amendment agreed to.

Paragraph, as amended, agreed to.

(iii) Paragraphs 11 to 13, inclusive, agreed to.

Draft Report, as amended, agreed to.

Ordered: To report accordingly.

4. Adjournment.

The Joint Committee adjourned at 5.05. p.m.