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An Cléireach,

An Coiste um Chuntais Phoiblí.

At the proceedings of the Committee on the 28th March in connection with the excess expenditure from the Land Registry and Registry of Deeds Vote, 1971/72, I undertook to supply information showing details of salary increases referred to in paragraph 34 of the report of the Comptroller and Auditor General and also of certain payments made in the Land Registry in March, 1972.

I attach a note setting out the position.


Accounting Officer,

Department of Justice.

23 Aibreán, 1974.

Suplementary note for the information of the Public Accounts Committee relating to excess expenditure from the Vote for Land Registry and Registry of Deeds, 1971-72.


The extra remuneration amounting to £22,000, referred to in paragraph 34 of the Comptroller and Auditor General’s report, arose from pay increases which were awarded to certain grades during the year. Particulars of the amounts paid to the various grades are as follows:—

Examiners of Titles


Junior Assistant Registrar (Registry of Deeds)


Senior Legal Assistants


Superintendent of Mapping and Examiners-in-Charge


Assistant Principal Officer


Higher Executive Officers and Executive Officers


Staff Officers


Clerical Assistants


Head Searcher


Paperkeepers and Messengers Cleaners





The following are details of payments made from the Land Registry sub-account in March, 1972, which were not provided for when the requirements for projected expenditure were being examined in February, 1972.

(1) The bonus scheme, designed to help to clear arrears in the Mapping Branch in the Land Registry, provided for additional payments of up to 30% of salary calculated by measuring progress against pre-set targets. In March 1972 payments of £2,230 were made on foot of this scheme as follows:—


Acting Paperkeepers:

£ 59


Clerical Assistants:

£ 173


Examiners of maps and Draughtsmen:


(2) A grade increase was awarded to Mapping Draughtsmen in 1971 and arrears of “basic” salary arising from this award were paid early in 1972. There was however a consequential (and retrospective) increase in bonus entitlements and, arising from that, the sum of £2,772 was paid in March, 1972, this being additional to the figure of £2,230 referred to in paragraph (1). This award also involved an increase of approximately £1,000 in the March, 1972, salary payments.

(3) A grade increase was awarded to Paper-keepers and Cleaners in February, 1972, with effect from 1st October, 1970. Arrears amounting to £2,644 under this award were paid in the Land Registry in March, 1972.

(4) The total payments from the Land Registry sub-account in the month of March, 1972, was £37,845. The expenditure from the sub-account in the last month of each of the three previous quarters was as follows:—

June, 1971


September, 1971


December, 1971


This means that the March, 1972, expenditure was 33% greater than the average for the last month of the three previous quarters.