Committee Reports::Report No. 09 - Employmen Training and Working Conditions::04 June, 1975::Appendix


The provisions of the draft Directive are as follows:


Application of principle of equal treatment.


“Equal Treatment” means elimination of discrimination based on sex, marital or family status and the provision of general and technical education as well as vocational training and retraining without such discrimination.


(1) In the areas of—

(a) Employment; and

(b) Working Conditions, including dismissals and social security provisions;

legislative or administrative action to ensure that law, administrative provisions, contracts and collective agreements conform to the principle.

(2) In regard to—

Vocational Training;

(i) access to general education and vocational training and retraining in accordance with abilities and aspirations and

(ii) availability of education and training without discrimination as defined.

(3) In regard to—


ensuring that career structures are based on individual qualifications without such discrimination.


(1) Right of worker to enforce proposed rights by judicial process possibly after recourse to other authorities.

(2) Protection of worker seeking to enforce compliance from retaliatory action by employer by way of dismissal or other serious wrong.

(3) Adequate publicity by the State.


(1) Enforcement by the State within one year.

(2) Notification to Commission by the State of measures taken within two years.