Committee Reports::Interim and Final Report - Appropriation Accounts 1969 - 1970::28 June, 1973::Appendix



The Clerk of the

Committee of Public Accounts

When I was before your Committee in November last the question of the percentage of lands drained or otherwise improved with grant aid out of Land Project funds which reverted to their undeveloped state was discussed. I promised to furnish some further information on this point. On investigation, I find that the best indicator we have on this point is contained in a review of over 25,400 completed schemes which were investigated in the 2 year period ended 31st May 1972. Out of that number it was found that some 692 schemes or approximately 2.7% had not got the desired level of maintenance. This, however, does not mean that the reclaimed lands had reverted to their original state but they were deteriorating and if the neglect of maintenance continued over a number of years the lands would gradually revert to their original state. In general I am satisfied that the amount of land which reverts to its original state following reclamation, is a very small percentage of the area which has been improved.


Accounting Officer

Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

22 Feabhra, 1973.