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17 November, 1970:—Ordered: That, in pursuance of Standing Order No. 127 of the Standing Orders relative to Public Business, the Committee of Public Accounts be appointed.

1 December, 1970:—Ordered: That the Committee of Public Accounts shall examine specially the expenditure of the Grant-in-Aid for Northern Ireland Relief issued from Subhead J, Vote 16 (Miscellaneous Expenses) for 1969/70 and any moneys transferred by the Irish Red Cross Society to a bank account into which moneys from this Vote were, or may have been, lodged and shall furnish a separate report on this expenditure as soon as possible.

3 December, 1970:—Committee nominated consisting of Deputies Sylvester Barrett, Ben Briscoe, Richard Burke, Edward Collins, Garret FitzGerald, Hugh Gibbons, Patrick Hogan, Justin Keating, Ray MacSharry, Thomas Nolan, Seán Treacy and Jim Tunney.

17 December, 1970:—Ordered: That after each meeting of the Committee of Public Accounts, at which evidence is taken, in relation to the subject matter of the Order of the Dáil of 1 December, 1970, the minutes of such evidence, together with such documents as the Committee may determine, be printed in unrevised form as soon as possible.

6 July, 1971:—Deputy Joe Dowling appointed in place of Deputy Ben Briscoe, discharged.

14 July, 1971:—Deputy Frank Cluskey appointed in place of Deputy Justin Keating, discharged.