Committee Reports::Interim Report - Northern Ireland Relief Expenditure::13 July, 1972::Appendix


Procedures adopted by the Committee

(i) The Committee will sit in public during the taking of evidence by it but, in consideration of the nature of the matter to be examined, it has empowered the Chairman at his discretion to exclude persons during the taking of certain evidence.

(ii) The evidence of all persons examined before the Committee will be taken on oath or, for good reason, by affirmation.

(iii) The Committee will allow witnesses to be accompanied, solely for the purpose of consultation, by counsel, solicitors or advisors as may be determined by the Committee in each relevant case. Such counsel, solicitors or advisors will not, however, be permitted to examine any witness nor to address the Committee.

(iv) A request by a witness for good reason that his name be not published will be favourably considered.

(v) After each sitting of the Committee the evidence taken and relevant documents will be published in unrevised form as soon as possible. (This will require an order for printing by the Dáil.)

(vi) The unrevised minutes of his evidence will be supplied to each witness, but if he desires to submit any corrections in it he must apply to the Committee who may re-examine him.

(vii) Witnesses will be summoned by letter delivered to them personally or by registered post.

(viii) Witnesses will be invited to furnish preliminary statements. They will also be requested to furnish in advance or if this is not practicable to bring with them to the Committee all relevant documents in their possession, power or procurement.

(ix) Witnesses will be repaid their actual and necessary travelling expenses. They will also be paid subsistence allowances and allowances for loss of earnings in accordance with appropriate regulations. Expenditure incurred by witnesses arising from their being accompanied by counsel, solicitors or advisors will not be reimbursed to them.

(x) The Comptroller and Auditor General will be invited to attend the Committee in an advisory capacity.

(xi) Each person sent for will be supplied in advance with a copy of the interim report.