Committee Reports::Interim Report - Statutory Instruments::21 July, 1971::Report


1. The Committee feels bound to report to the Seanad that because the staff which served the Committee was withdrawn to other work:

(1) the Report which would have been made on statutory instruments presented up to December, 1970 was not completed; and (2) no statutory instrument presented subsequent to the last meeting of the Committee on 10th February, 1971 has had Parliamentary scrutiny.

2. Believing that the staff difficulties were of a temporary nature and realising that there were special circumstances, the Committee was unwilling to add to the existing difficulties. However, the approach of the long recess and there being no indication that the work of the Committee would soon be resumed, strong representations were made about the position.

3. The Committee is now able to inform the Seanad that staff has been restored to the Committee with the positive assurance that this will be permanent, and that an early Report will be made.

(Signed) W. A. W. SHELDON,


21st July, 1971.