Committee Reports::Report - Institute of Civil Engineers of Ireland (Charter Amendment) Bill, 1968 [Private]::05 November, 1968::Report


1. The Joint Committee reports that it has examined the Preamble of the Bill and it has found that the allegations therein contained have been proved to its satisfaction.

2. The Committee has considered the Bill and has made amendments thereto for the purpose of—

(a) clarifying the section providing for the dissolution of the Cumann and the transfer of its property,

(b) alleviating the ad valorem stamp duty which would become payable on the vesting of the property of the Cumann in the Institution, and

(c) providing for the deletion of the Cumann from the Register of Companies.

It has also made some drafting amendments.

3. In going through the Bill the Committee had before it, and considered, reports from the Department of Finance and the Department of Justice. It has given effect to the recommendations contained in those reports.


Chairman of the Joint Committee.

5th November, 1968