Committee Reports::Report - A Statement reported in the press to have been made by a Member::29 April, 1964::Report


1. Pursuant to the Order of the Dáil of 8th April, 1964, the Committee on Procedure and Privileges have investigated a statement reported in the Press of 7th April, 1964 to have been made by Deputy Richie Ryan at a meeting of the Dublin City Council. The statement under complaint was published in The Irish Press and was as follows:—

“Many members of Dáil Éireann are blatantly dishonest in this regard. They make claims for travel expenses when they travel in other Deputies’ cars”.

2. The Committee having considered the newspaper report decided to interview Deputy Richie Ryan in the matter.

3. Deputy Ryan attended a meeting of the Committee and stated to the Committee that he had not made the allegation as reported and also that he did not think his remarks on the occasion in question were open to the interpretation put upon them.

4. The Committee accepts the Member’s statement and recommends that no further action should be taken in the matter.



29th April, 1964.