Committee Reports::Report - Appropriation Accounts 1962 - 1963::12 November, 1964::Appendix




Extensive drainage improvement works on the Rye River (between the Counties Kildare and Meath) were carried out from 1955 to 1957 with moneys from the National Development Fund and under the powers contained in the Land Reclamation Act, 1949. This Act, unlike the Arterial Drainage Acts, contains no provisions whereby the County Councils concerned could be required to maintain, or to repay the cost of maintenance of, the improvements effected, but a special extra statutory arrangement was made with the two Councils concerned whereby they agreed to repay, in equal shares, the cost of maintenance. The working arrangements made in relation to maintenance provide for the actual execution of the necessary works by the Office of Public Works, for the recoupment by this Department of the cost to the Office of Public Works, and for the recovery by this Department from each of the two local authorities. These arrangements account for the provision for expenditure on maintenance in the Vote for Agriculture (Land Project Subhead K7 (L)). Sums recovered from the local authorities are credited to Exchequer Extra Receipts in the Vote for Agriculture.

(Signed) J. C. NAGLE,

Accounting Officer,

Department of Agriculture.

26th June, 1964.